A Step-by-Step Video Marketing Plan to Build Brand Identity and Beat Your Competition

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Video marketing is the #1 easiest and fastest way to stand out in this crowded and noisy real estate industry.

I know some real estate agents are doing it well, while others are doing it but not to its fullest potential. A majority are interested but still don’t know where to start, or feel too nervous to hit that “record” button!

Which brings me to today’s episode of Tom Ferry Podcast Experience. We’re taking a blast to the past! I’m sharing my game-changing video strategy that will out position, out-market and outmaneuver you from all the disruptors, discounters, and competition!

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Tom Ferry says:

In this episode we talk about…

1:15 – Tom asks you the vital questions that will clear your vision towards your business

5:19 – “Over 80% of the world’s content will be consumed via video.”

7:44 – Tom shares his story of how he started doing video on YouTube

12:10 – Tom demands that you create a weekly anchor show, shares the topics you can cover and how to plan it monthly

13:11 – Learn about the perfect video model and how to distribute it on your social channels

13:37 – “If you’re limiting your modality, you’re limiting your opportunity to connect with people.”

16:46 – Tom teaches how to multipurpose your shows and when to shoot them

18:54 – Find out why transcribing your videos will boost your online presence

20:35 – How to take advantage of the audio from your video. Hint: A freelancer can do it for you!

21:26 – Why it’s critical to understand the difference between quantitative and qualitative video content…And why they’re both important

22:38 – Why creating clips of your show will be a game changer and help you boost your views

25:09 – Discover why it’s important to have a short and custom link to your videos

26:00 – Do you want your videos to resonate with your audience? Listen to Tom’s magical tip

26:48 – Always respond to comments and discover why you’re building rapport with audience

29:54 – Tom shares a realtor that is killing it in the video sphere

33:34 – Start implementing this video schedule to your calendar ASAP!

40:00 – You’re losing time and money if you’re distributing your own videos. Invest in this social media management platform!

40:40 – Are you creating donkey or unicorn videos?

41:17 – Tom gives you the topic show list you need to do NOW!

45:16 – Do interviews and post them on your videos! Tom shares who to interview and when to post

51:19 – Want more video topics? Listen to Tom’s game-changing topics

58:00 – Discover why driving neighborhood tours will boost your views

Antony Reed - Hypnosis & Affirmations says:

"Every single comment made, you need to comment back." … "At the MINIMUM, you give them a heart!"
You're slacking, Tom. 😉

Realtor Damaris Rodriguez says:

So much value. I believe this is my 2021 video blueprint

Sally Jia says:

very very good

Kendra & Co. says:

This is such a great vid! I am starting a team and this video changed my life.

Victor Ronje says:

Thank you Tom! Excellent information!

Barry Allen says:

9:40 lol…

Paris Luong says:

Love you Tom! So many nuggets in every episode!

Veronica OBrien says:

Wow, a lot of great info here!

RentOS Property Management Software says:

Very inspiring speech about building a brand identity and helpful. Thank you for sharing.

Dr Tred's Slim Body Laser Spa says:

Not going to lie…some of the best content i have ever seen on how to build your business in the digital age. Full of steps and guidance and how to do it. Nothing held back..Super valuable. Thank You Mr Ferry

Steph says:

Outstanding content!!! Tk u for this!!

Ryan Wallace says:

Tom makes me wish every time that I worked at Banana Real Estate!

Your Pool Home Realtor says:

BOOM Love it! Great content always !

Stephanie Buffum says:

Incredible content! Sbuffum san juan islands!

Crazee Media Inc. says:

Tom you are killing it! keep it up! great seeing other people in the field educating the community!!

luz areizaga says:

Morning video afternoon quote card.

luz areizaga says:

Tuesday email to entire email data base.

Noah Sheets says:

Sounds like how marketers market to marketers, not potential clients?

Zofias Dream says:

The guy in 9:41 obviously has a blackberry 😂😂😂😂

Haixin Wang says:

Absolutely the most beneficial and knowledge sharing video for real estate marketing I ever watch on Youtube! thank you so much Tom! Only less than 60 comments after a year, I guess people just don't have enough patience to watch it all. Glad I did!

sel Sen says:

Here is some tips missed in this video. Please click the link below to get access
. https://how-to-makea6figureonlinencome.blogspot.com/2020/03/video-marketing.html

Winsome Anglin-Kelly, Realtor says:

Real Estate is My Business… Thank you.

Jjunior130 says:


Relux says:

if this is the first time to vlog video, and you dont know what a donkey or unicorn is? do you boost everything thinking it could be a unicorn?

Jack Santos says:

This is Gold!

Mike McCown says:

So great to find you! I'm just starting my classes for my licence today, a 10 week class while i have a full time job. After i get my cert and broker, I'd like to keep my job for the sphere it brings, but what you are saying is i dont need a sphere, and that my online content, combined with street and phone time will create a demographic that would like to deal with me (as audience members) thats great!

Laura Petek says:

Love this! So excited, I am taking my test soon and I am going to hit the ground running. I appreciate you!

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