Passive Income Generation

This FREEĀ  course, lasting approximately 66 minutes, consists of 10 videos and provides a practical roadmap on how to create passive income generation. The goal of many marketers is to set up an automated system for generating income that requires little maintenance and that will continue to provide income for months or years to come. This course gives a detailed guide on models that help to do that.

Item Description

The videos cover the following topics:

Video 1 – Why Passive Income is the Ultimate Model

Video 2 – What to Expect and How to Approach Passive Income

Video 3 – Top Passive Income Models – For Selling Products (Part 1)

Video 4 – Top Passive Income Models – For Selling Products (Part 2)

Video 5 – How to Make Your Products Actually Sell With Zero Input

Video 6 – Flawless Marketing for Auto-Generating Cash

Video 7 – Making Passive Income from a Blog or Other Content

Video 8 – Service Arbitrage

Video 9 – Selling on Kindle and Creating Apps

Video 10 – Conclusions



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