Create & Sell Digital Products EASILY | How to ACTUALLY create and sell your digital products

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All this talk about digital products has me wanting to make sure you know how to ACTUALLY create and sell your digital products. Let’s make it simple in this SUPER easy tutorial on how to create and sell digital products!

Some things I mention:
Last week’s video (7 Digital Product Ideas) |

Canva |

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Kim Bennett says:

Haha if you’re going to create a photo create it with Yo Camera!!! Thank you for all the ideas!!!

lisa mallard says:

I don't understand how the printable gets from me to the buyer automatically.

Toni Brace says:

AMAZING INFORMATION!!!! Thank you so much!!! I will be telling all my Business Friends about this Channel!!

coffeebreak100 says:

Hi Jessica, I am new to this 🙂 and I love this video of yours, just subscribed, and I tried to subscribe to canva through your link to show some support but the link page is broken. Thought you might want to change that.

Alexandra Sanches says:

Hi, Jessica, can you explain why you don’t sell your courses on your own website, having woocommerce?

Chupria says:

We use loadmart to sell our digital assets. I signed up for it a while ago.

Monowara Roshid says:

Thank you for this very useful video

Daijha Cain says:

If I am making a card or a invitation template how do I give them access to change it when they buy it?

Happuccino Life says:

This Video is awesome. I am just learning how to sale digital products I've created. Thank You. You Rock

Tootie198 T says:

Hi Jessica thanks for the great info.! Do you have a mentor program?

Psychic Butterfly says:

Love your accent, personality, and helpfulness 🙂

Keven & Adrienne McDaniels says:

thank you for this information, it's great

Diana Driggs says:

Hi Jessica! Thanks for your presentation and delivering such valuable information.

Eric Bowie says:

Good video. I use Microsoft Publisher to create text-based docs. I include hyperlinks that direct people to where I want them to go. I then .pdf it and upload it to my "shop here" tab in my wix website where I sell it for $1.99 or $2.99. I also use canva to create a pretty cover and that cover is what will go on my website to promote it. I agree with you that Content is King, not necessarily the aesthetics of the product. Thanks again.

Joshua Corrin says:

I’m going to take you advice and do my youtube properly I got diagnosed with T1D and I currently Document my life on TikTok i’ve done really well almost on 50k but I think YouTube is the best platform for me

Our Homeschool Castle says:

Yes! I had so many things on my mind to make! So many digital downloadable ideas I just needed this push! Thank you for your honesty! JUST FREAKING DO IT!!

Sandra Di says:

Great tips Jessica! I started selling digital products on Etsy this year and I love it! Actually thinking of starting a second one in 2021 🙂 Love your advice!

MTB radley says:

Great content Jessica! Thanks for sharing this information. Super helpful!!

Salvador Guerrero says:

Where is the community tab on youtube?!!

Erica Gilliams- Mental Health says:

payhip is great to sell downloadables

Shelia LaTrese says:

Whats the best way to do a spreadsheet, is it google sheets?

Samira Orchard says:

Can u do a video on how to create an art printable digital product in canva and then sell on etsy.

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