Digital Marketing Channels on Youtube You Can Learn A Lot From

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Since I’m a marketer creating marketing content on Youtube, it was about time I shared my top 11 Youtube channels for digital marketing with you.

In this video I share with you my handpicked channels that cover many different areas of marketing and all in different styles. You can learn anything from marketing trends, keyword ranking, SEO, email marketing, copywriting, personal branding, video marketing and more. You’ll notice that in my list, there are Youtube channels that create more structured, tutorial type videos and then there are others where the content is more personable, interesting and even in vlog style.

I’ve personally learned great marketing lessons from these creators and highly recommend anyone interested in marketing to watch these channels to level up their knowledge in marketing and stay up to date with trends.


00:00 Intro
00:43 Let’s start with the bonus channel
02:10 website ranking, keyword strategy + SEO from Backlinko
02:54 content marketing, SEO, keyword strategy from Neil Patel
03:57 go all in on SEO with Ahrefs
04:20 A to Z of marketing (and sales) with Hubspot
04:58 Win on Youtube and in video marketing with Channel Makers
06:16 Social media strategy with Vanessa Lau
07:33 Youtube SEO and analytics with Cathrin Manning
08:27 Personal branding and Linkedin strategy with Self Made Milennial
09:04 Unusual and inspiring marketing strategies from Noah Kagan
10:29 Copywriting lessons with Alex Cattoni
11:04 Marketing for SMEs with Exposure Ninja


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DISCLAIMER: Links included in this description might be affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you. Thank you!

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Elif Hız says:

PSST can I ask for something?
If you visit the channels mentioned in the video, please comment on their latest videos to say that you are coming from this channel. It would mean a lot and thank you! 🙋🏻‍♀️

Erin Krishanthi says:

Very useful. Thank you very much.

Music Vibes says:

Hi Elif, digital mktng also includes UI UX, u can add some graphic design channels too!

umer aslam says:

What About Google Ads Marketing…

Tejas Patel says:


Happy Daughters day


You forgot Surfside PPC. Best channel to learn about Search marketing and more. Btw, your looking beautiful as always.

Sameera Tabassum says:

Please add Adam Erhert in this list.

Dreams Colour House says:

Initially I would like to thank for your video. And Best wishes from nepal. 🌷🌹🥀🌺🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

Raksana N. says:

Thank you so much..awesome info🙏🙏🙏

lala vo says:

Tysm for sharing!

RND Digital says:

Awesome Information ❤️

The Gunjan Sharma says:

Thank you so much mam

Sonuraj Vangeti says:

Hi mam , please do check out digital Deepak he has high experience in digital marketing please give a feedback that is it good to watch his content

bvv says:

Elif glad to know that you are creating pretty good content… But you know you should at first introduce you title than go on first 15 seconds try to attract us… Then you can say about everything but try to build this structure. Intro main speech and conclusion… Good luck

Pooja Pendharkar says:

Could you also suggest some channels for Ad campaigns. Thanks 😁

Eliezer Vega says:

thank you so much, this is exactly what I needed

Ari says:

Hello Eli! Greetings from Venezuela. thanks for your channel! It has changed my life, I always liked marketing a lot but living in Latin America is something complicated since that career does not exist in my country and it is something very new in Latin America but with your channel you have helped me a lot by giving me information from your channel! I really love you very much !!!!!!!!

Jango Fett says:

Do u help answer specific business marketing questions?

Onpa Marketing says:

Hi Elif,
Thank for informative content. You rock 👏. Just got a job performance marketing manager job but do not have that much hands-on experience 🤫 Is there any chance possible to share a case study please.

Grow with Will - Level Up Your Business Skills says:

Ahrefs has underrated content. SEMRush could learn a thing or two from their team.

Words and Pictures says:

This is FANTASTIC! Thank you so much for sharing this Elif!

Sohail Sheikh says:

Its helpful if you provide all the channels links in description or in comment section btw thank you ❤️

hardik khatri says:

Neil patel's videos are kinda low on value deliverables. It is mostly about selling his digital assets(nothing wrong with it, but yeah that's a disappointnent).

Have been watching your channel, hubspot, ahrefs a lot🙂😅

Syanna Gardner says:

I completely agree with the structured content statement, As an alternative to Backlinko and Neil Patel, I would highly recommend Nathan Gotch. He'ss more casual but not so laid back that it's confusing.

Hafiz Muhammad Sohail says:

You are also a pro 🙂 everything is legit in your channel too 🙂

Elena Bezborodova says:

Agree that authentic content resonates much better than well-structured videos! Thanks for the video 🙂

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