Email Marketing Secrets: Here's What's Working Now!

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Think email marketing is dead? Not even close. Email marketing in 2019 is still one of the best, most profitable ways to build a lasting relationship with prospective customers. It allows you to stay top of mind, build trust AND authority with minimal effort and cost.

But some things that used to work don’t anymore. So I’ve put this list together of what’s working like crazy in 2019 and beyond so you don’t have to guess and experiment. Put these tips into action and I predict 2019 will be THE year for your business!

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David Cantero says:

BRO, your knowledge is insanely valuable. Thank you so much for sharing!

Ross Macfarlane says:

Great video thanks for the tip and sharing 👌

Erica E says:

Great stuff. I can use this with Udimi. Thanks a lot.

Retirement Hustle says:

This is one of the best email marketing tutorials I have seen. Great job! I also signed up for the training and podcast. Thanks!!!

Adrian GamesMastery says:

Thank you very much dude!

Eve Keith says:

Well done do you have updates for 2021?

Aaron Bell says:

What’s slowing me down is figuring out my product. I’m starting to collect emails but I still haven’t figured out what my product will look like

Sayyed Mohsin Ali says:

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Kizkopop says:

these were great tips, thanks!

Oluwajoba says:

Thanks for the great content. How soon should I start to try to sell something to my new subscribers? Thanks

Vijay Khanna says:

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M A Haque says:

Thanks so much for your such valuable piece of content.
I had a great response following your advice and gave my business MAHAQUE.COM a hard kick to the audience.

Mr F says:

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pooja creation says:

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Derpy Hooves says:

_Thx alot for your advice i'll use it

Sonder says:

Awesome video! What do you like about Drip over MailChimp? Haven't heard of it before, but interested!

Trey Lepper says:

Nice video! Very informative. If you’re first starting off with an email campaign though, should I try being as detailed as possible from the beginning or should I stick to main points? I know you said early on that the email campaign should almost be treated it as if we’re reaching out to a friend, so I’m wondering if it were way drawn out and long-winded I would lose their attention and they wouldn’t read the whole thing. What are your thoughts?

Andy Mazz says:

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Bobi Reviews says:

Super vid! Thanks so much!

Free Learning says:

this is interedting thank you

Jerry Smales says:

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Narcis Parmac says:

Great video and thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us! I have just started using Zerobounce to clean my lists and it's been going great. I am pretty satisfied with their accuracy rates and most of all with their Deliverability Tools which helped me a lot to grow the quality of my campaigns.

The Lazy Email Marketing Show says:

Great tips man!

Jennifer Carrick says:

I don't have any experience in email marketing, so I tried AWeber for free. You can try it too at It is super easy to drag and drop items to make a landing page.

Chaimae Larissi شيماء لعريسي says:

so helpful!

Ashii edits says:

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