Fast Creation Digital Product Ideas – Make & Sell Online In 15 Minutes Or Less

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The fact is, you can create digital products fast.

Let’s start with templates as digital products. Start by asking yourself, do you personally have solutions? And I know that you do, okay, but think about the solutions that you may have put together in your own life and or business. And oftentimes if you list out the problems that you have solved and they can be big problems and they can be small problems. Okay. Either, either way. And then the next question, after you have a list of these sorts of problems that you can sell, next question that you need to ask yourself is have you created documents to solve those problems?

And if you have, then it’s just a matter of templatizing what you already have to make it usable by somebody else that has a similar problem to you. Okay. And then, so what you’re you’re going to gather your documents that revolve around or are somehow needed in your solution. And you’re going to try to make those digital product documents as generic as possible on one hat hand. And then you’re going to add in some fill in the blanks and then put a kit together. And let me show you what I’m talking about here specifically. You can do templates like contracts, sales letters, proposals, love letters, emails. If you have ever sat down at your computer to solve a problem, right?

To write a letter that solves some sort of a problem or write an email or a series of letters or series of emails, that’s what I’m talking about. And that’s how I want you to start thinking about it because it has value.

Maybe you know how to, to buy real estate with nothing down. Maybe you know about getting a celebrity endorsement. Again, these are the types of digital product, especially if you put them together, templatize them that has value. Think about that in your day to day life, if you’ve ever done that if you have potentially a great digital product for you.

Now let’s talk about checklists as digital products. Also. Very, very cool because you guide people through a process. These are easy to produce. If you, especially if you use the outline feature in ms word, you want to break up the checklist into discrete a task. And if there are any, if there are many tasks, consider making each step into an independent task. I’ll give you an example here with a sales letter. So let’s say you make a checklist for headline creation. Okay? And then another checklist for testimonial gathering and another tech, a checklist for offer creation, et cetera, et cetera. Think about that in, in these terms. And I just wanted to show you that this definitely has value as well. One of my good friends in and joint venture partners, Kristen joy, literally his made tens of thousands of dollars putting together this checklist, 37 critical checklists for writing and marketing and publishing your book.

Authors go Gaga for this because they don’t have to think about it, right? That’s what you’re offering people. You are pre-thinking for them. They are buying the thought that you put into it, to consideration that you put into these checklists. And just so that you are aware, you could do something like this on Etsy, you know, where you’re doing like a simple cleaning checklist. How easy is that for crying out loud? $4 and 50 cents. And this is a best seller on Etsy. Mama Mia. Okay. So let me just tell you some fast ways to create these checklists. I would just sit down and with a colleague, a friend, your spouse, whatever, and explain the process to them. Okay. Explain the process to them, record that conversation as you explain how to do whatever it is that you’re solving, whatever checklist cause you’re kind of making, and then use they’ll charge you 10 cents a minute.

Now the last thing I want to cover here with you are bundles, bundles, bundles. These are resources that are packaged together to make it easier for a customer to obtain some sort of results. So think about things like video assets, audio assets, images, a checklist. You can bundle checklist, for example, all of those. And by the way, you can have a sources like public domain. I might, I might be making some new or some videos regarding public domain. Let me hear from you in the, in the comments. If you’d like to know more about making money with public domain, cause I’ve made lots of money with public domain, but public domain, what is it? Some of you don’t know. Public domain is essentially content that is free of copyright. So anyone could use it, I can use it, you can use it.


Daniel Hall says:

Welcome to the channel…. glad you're here. Stay tuned for more tutorials and how-to make money with digital products.

Fieldstone2 says:

@Daniel Hall
Hello thank you for your video.
You mentioned Craigslist for selling digital. I tried this and the ad was removed. They never replied to my question about what I needed to do differently. Could you please shed some light on this and how I would do this correctly? Thanks.

TheChristopherBlake1 says:

Daniel, this was truly delightful!

I'm 53 & just learning about these online opportunities.

Thanks so much .
Blake Mays
Mind, Body, Fitness Expert

Teena Hughes Online says:

Hey Daniel – TEMI – quick update – Transcription pricing increased from 10c/minute to 25c/minute in March 2020. Still a great service 🙂

Hadassah Chandler says:

Your video was very helpful, i wish others made it simple like this!

Rejoice Nosakhare says:


Thomas H says:

Public domain sounds great

Rafal Reyzer says:

Awesome video thank you!

Jared Jacobson Law says:


Newmarky says:

Thanks for the help I am building a multi digital market place and needed more ideas for content. I think I'm going with

Mig Ruu says:

What program would I need to turn my recipes into a digital product ?
I'm planning to use paid add campaign to promote my recipes that I wanna sale.
I can't find anything on how to make a easy downloadable digital product? Where the customer can download after they paid.
Thank you ….



Fred Gallagher says:

Very interesting material as always Daniel. I would also like to hear more about the Public Domain opportunity.

Cynthia Lett says:

I'd love more info about using Public Domain to make products.

Doug Lietz says:

My challenge with low-ticket digital download products has always been, figuring out where the price point should be to optimize ROI. As you know, the "net" per-transaction costs are "relatively" high when selling low-ticket items. Obviously it will be different for every niche and product type, but have you been able to determine any rule-of-thumb guidelines for setting pricing to optimize for volume of sales. In other words, can you actually make money on items priced at $2, or does it need to be $4.50 or higher. I'm in the creative arts and crafts niche, so typically, the products don't fall into the "making-money" category. Any insights you have would be appreciated 🙂

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