Google's Changing Online Ads In A Big Way

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Learn all about FLoC, Google’s new plan for online advertising, and how it might affect you.

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Spencer S. Young says:

Will floc get rid of cookies?
AKA if I opted in then cookies go away or if I opt-in I'm just giving the internet/ advertisers more information about me

BloodyClash says:

😀 with a bit engineering you could get super specific information about everyone in a floc when only one person of this floc enters your website

Wooosh Farmer says:

I wouldn't have ever known if it weren't for this video, because I use adblock and YouTube Vanced!

GambitsEnd says:

"Tired of 1000 websites tracking you with cookies? No worries, we'll track you and give the information to 1001 websites!" -Google

Renan Augusto Macena says:

Hey guys I am a young Brazilian fan that watches almost everything from all of your channels (linus' channels dont know) and I know a lot of english and a lot of course of my native Brazilian language, also I lived in Italy for a decade and was pretty good with their language too, I dont have a job and my Country is like a black hole to live in, I want to work for you more than anything, I could do subtitles in Brazilian Portuguese and Italian, for ALL I MEAN ALL of your videos, since dollars are worth a lot more in my country 1U$D= 6R$ I could ask 10 dollars for language in one video, hope is not a bold statement I just need a job and love technology, pcs, medias, entertainment. Hope someone sees my comment, much love and props from Ji-Paraná (Rondônia) Brasil !!!

PalkiaApyro says:

Ah yes, a cohort. A word I've never heard before 2020. Now it's just used everywhere.

aaron letchford says:

Sod crome and there ad, s and they can do one with there YouTube too, too many ad, s

Fenrir says:

Fun fact: Approximately 20% of this video about ads, is an ad.

S0N4R says:


ditch chrome lmao

Wicked Sick says:

So google itself will still know everything about you, and have your personal profile documented, but the only difference is that it wont give that whole info to others, it will keep it for itself. Lol.

jhon adams says:

nordvpn is really really bad its slow and clunkie and they never give me my refund

Psychx says:

Or I can just use Firefox and disable 3rd party cookies.

Sub Hawkins says:

Basically if you don't want to tracked, just don't have a smart phone

APH Iceland Havens says:


idk why but that cracked me up way more than it shouldve

Smoothly Rough says:

So, they are still following us? Got it. They will know what you browse, thats the only way to put you into a cohort

MdahTube says:

but now google has just FLoC'd you for liking tech quickie, lol

T3D Lidle says:

Qubes here i come…

David Burns says:

Google isn't worth supporting anymore. I've removed as much of their tech as I could, and DO NOT use their browser for anything. FLoC is just more obfuscating by Google.

Tim Clark says:

NordVPN lol. Failed me the first day I used it. ExpressVPN is where it's at. $100 for 15 months. Yeah, a bit pricey but I'm disabled only getting $689.50 a month and I got it. And after rent before anything else? I only have $239.50 for the entire month. Most people probably have that to spare in a week if not two. So $100 should be nothing for 15 months of military-grade encryption. Not that bullshit NordVPN is using

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