How to Develop a Social Media Strategy Step by Step

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Here’s my step by step process for developing a social media strategy! Grab my FREE social media manager starter kit here:
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Sonia Wadsworth says:

That was really informative & incredibly helpful. Thankyou

Verity McLaughlin says:

How do you measure SMM strategy success?

Life With Vonni says:

Thanks for this it was so helpful!

Laureen Shields says:

How do you measure SMM strategy success?

Roselle Online Group says:

Very informative!

Filmic Echo says:

At 9:25… Is this Title relevant to the content? "How To Develop A Social Media Strategy…" It's seems this content is showing agencies how to work with companies that need a social media strategy

Additionally… I would say if you're gonna be a consultant… The be one… The customer can be a baker for example and so he knows everything about putting the best bread 🥪 next to ur eggs, butter, coffee etc… But knows nothing about social media…

He/she could even be a novice to email use… What would you do then, run?? 😒

Alice Gale says:

I started doing social media volunteering for a charity. Thankyou for this video 🙂

Elona says:

Great video, thank you

Eleanor Imel says:

Very helpful! I appreciate how organized you were in presenting this information. My thoughts get so scrambled about how to manage social media, and you seemed to get to the heart of each topic

Namaste UI says:

Social networking sites provide a range of tools to enable and greatly facilitate such activities. Examples include Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics or Analytics Tab at LinkedIn. Also, don’t forget the powerful Google Analytics – about increasing conversions in Google Analytics we also wrote some time ago. Use the tools provided to make appropriate adjustments to your content publishing strategy.

Anyways, read the below. This might help.


Sourav Basak

Namaste UI

Katelyn Reding says:

This was amazing! I loved hearing your strategy and knowledge for this.

Samuel Maganya says:

Any advice will be greatly appreciated. This is my first project, still new to all this. Im working with a production company that wants to launch a 10 episode comedy series in Tanzania. If successful, we'll continue with another 10 episode and venture into other content types. My thinking is Shouldn't I be concentrating on views, likes, comments, followers, subscribers. Basically engagement. Or have i got it wrong? We currently have 0 social media presence.

Sofia Paladino says:

I have a hard time imagining a google sheets with images, and copy, links and hashtags. Is it possible to see any examples? im struggling sometimes with the approval times my client doesn't understand any of the calendar y sent him, maybe a spreadsheet more old school would work

I A says:

So helpful thank you!

Miranda Brandi says:

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Pat R. says:

This video is very informative, and literally help me a lot about understanding media strategy things mostly in terms of "research competitors". I appreciate that, Thanks a lot for making this video.

Aya Ibrahim says:

thank you so much from egypt

Bilal Mahmoud says:

Too long and I got nothing out of it. Sorry.

Sara Augusta says:

Social Media Manager here! Thanks so much for sharing!

Yétunde O says:

This was soooo helpful Latasha. I’m in the process of growing my business and e-commerce side of my business and this helped so much.

Karol Breljak says:

You're great! Thank yoU!

Saree Vogue Ethnic Elegance says:

Thank you for a precise and simplified video and content! Love it

Nathanael Summers6 says:

Please list the courses or strategies you use to become social media management or digital marketer. Cause college isn't teaching it

Navin Israni says:

This is nothing new. Any blog on the internet will give you these steps – and even that wouldn't rank!

Emily Pesina says:

Very professional and helpful tips. Thanks.

Susan McVea says:

Love the video! Very easy to understand, and I'll be sure to incorporate your steps into my business strategy. Thank you!!


You are simply so good Latasha…..

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