How To GET STARTED With Affiliate Marketing & ACTUALLY Make Money // My affiliate marketing strategy

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You guys were pretty shocked when I shared how much money I make a month from affiliate marketing. So today, I want to break it down, share my affiliate marketing strategy, and give you all the tips to get started with affiliate marketing on YouTube.

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Cathrin Manning says:

Okay guys… are you currently using affiliate marketing as a way to make money online?! It can become such a powerful income stream and something I personally believe you shouldn't ignore!👏

Stray Cat says:

thank you so much for the tips! I still don't fully understand the Reward style ninja link and how you get your own but everything else was great! 😆

Kristine Fernandez says:

Super interesting! I haven't fully hopped onto the affiliate marketing bandwagon just yet, but have made 5 ways to make money from video creations – as the beginner – intermediate level, and thought it would be handy to all of the creatives out there who are looking to find more ways to monetise their video making skillset. So I posted the "make money with videos in 2021" video the other day after having realised that this kind of information isn't as vastly available out there! It's definitely more achievable than what people think, so big ups to this video!

Joseph Gamble says:

i counted 63 times you said affiliate but i could have missed 1 or 2 lol!!!!

Delia X says:

14:25 how do you repeat things in a natural way? 😮

sriram jayaram says:

Thank you for your valuable information.

Fatiha El Ghalbzouri says:

You have 30 links in discriptune….

Nancy Joe says:

You are very honest about what you say I like that , thanks.

Stephanie Willemse says:

Does the affiliate programs you mention work on an international level. I am from South Africa and really want to use affiliate marketing, but I don't know if that will limit me?🙈

Tenee Datijan says:

i love listening to you dear. thank for sharing your journey. Soon I am gonna do this (wink)

William John says:

Investing in crypto now is very cool especially with the current rise in the market now

Alexander Agudelo says:

Hello Cathrin and everyone, my name is Alexander and I’m from Colombia (South América). I have a Bank Account in the United States, but I am not an American citizen. Can I still become and Amazon Affiliate in the USA?.
On the other hand, I’m unemployed in my country, and I need some money to pay my bills, besides, I don’t need too much to live in here, that’s why my urgency to start with this project. If you have further recommendations I will appreciate a lot your help. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Summer Maphumulo says:

Do these sites allow other countries or other continents??

MY WEIM LIFE Blue Tango says:

OH yeah not to mention some of them ask statistics like as in how many followers you have or hope to meet. . WTF again??? I’m telling you pack, it is not easy. Maybe this is why they make so much money because if you can spend at least 6 hours – 8 hours trying to figure all of this out a day for each affiliate program – man you deserve all that good coming to you! 🙂

MY WEIM LIFE Blue Tango says:

First of all, IT IS NOT THIS EASY to set up affiliate accounts. I wish everyone who has affiliate marketing strategies in place would stop saying it is easy, just follow the steps. There are many questions that do not make sense to an average individual WHO HAS NEVER done this. For starters, even if you are with amazon, if you are in Canada, they do not list this as a bank option BUT you do not find this out until after they’ve given you an associate ID. SO do I enter US and the routing number just to get paid or is that going to screw things up. Several issues like this that are overlooked. Not to mention other affiliate programs, you have to enter a plethora of information. I’ve spent 5 days literally 12 hours / day trying to figure out exactly how to go about doing it, watching many videos, sending emails to the affiliate programs and verifying all sorts of questions that seemed “vague” Perhaps going over the exact terminology would be helpful. I find it so frustrating that a bloggers are like yah just monetize through affiliate programs. It is NOT that simple and anyone who says it is, is lying because they probably had the same issues when applying. YOU don’t just fill your name and address in and that’s it. They ask you
* your website links, or any social media links where you plant o advertise
* methods of advertising
* which Editor for links you will be using as in HTML editor or manual text editor or Google, ad sense ??WTF???
*they ask you for your bank information (which I was sceptical but gave it anyways or couldn’t go on so I’d advise setting up a new bank account just for this purpose, affiliate money.
* they ask you pages and pages and pages of information AND THEN when you actually get accepted, you have to FIND the individuals you wish to affiliate for as in choose them, this happens on bigger ones like commission junction. ONCE YOU CHOOSE, you have to wait to be accepted from those organizations AND THEN, when you are they send you a page with links.. okay so what do I do with them (everyone says add them to your page.) Do i add the HTML link or the website link>? It’s all trial and error for me. I added website link with coupon code. Is it working, have no idea.
* THEN how many can you choose. I chose like 10 businesses who’s products I believe in but we will see, only 2 have accepted so far. Then do I copy and paste links?? SURE WHY NOT!
I’m telling you it is not as easy as she makes it seem to be nor others and I wish everyone would stop saying hey it’s easy! Maybe after you get all of this in place and know where you are heading, it’s easy but IT’S NOT! I may do a video just on how it isn’t! Showing you step by step by step on the intricacies of the actual difficulties with starting affiliation programs. IT TAKES HOURS OF READING AND RESEARCHING AND making sure you are filling things correctly.
*also doens’t mention that if you are in canada and are doing business in US as in affiliates in US you need your 8BEN number. You can only get this if you sign up with Revenue Canada for a business number to which you can then add to the page where it asks you for tax information. This is so you don’t pay taxes in US and Canada.

GEez! Please don’t anyone tell anyone it is easy. It is hard work signing up for affiliate programs and I am exhausted and I hope it pays off at one point because I still just today tried to sign up with amazon and canada doesn’t I have to now go to amazon canada and sign up again there! I have no idea what will happen but it’s scary to know my back information is out there in all these places yet..I have no idea what will happen so whoever is trying this out, go easy on yourself. It is NOT easy as PIE to sign up!

Sending my good mojo energy and love! Hope i get through this as well as y’all!

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