How to Master Email Marketing

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How to Master Email Marketing, This video recaps a key lesson in our free Email Marketing Certification:

Are you trying to achieve a measurable return on your email marketing investment, grow and retain your email subscribers, and remain compliant with the ever-changing email regulations? Email marketing is complex. In this video, we’re going to show you the solution to these challenges so you can start reaching your audience effectively and hitting your business goals through email, and we’re going to do so by getting advice from HubSpot Academy’s free Email Marketing Certification.

The solution to overcoming these common challenges – making sure you’re hitting your email goals, email deliverability, and staying compliant, is having an effective email marketing strategy. No matter the size of your company, you need to have a clearly defined strategy in place to reach your goals. Experts agree that in order to build an effective email marketing strategy and have your emails be seen, you have to adhere to these three pillars:

1. Segmentation
2. Power of personalization
3. Impact of data-driven analysis

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Prince Haval says:

hello im a new email marketer i have a question can i work as a email marketer with a company or a site or whatever when that company or whatever not in my country?

Ross Macfarlane says:

Great video thanks for the tips and for sharing 👌

Muhammad Afzal says:

The clarity, video quality, describing the idea and simplicity all collected here, I'll say just Awesome!

Jue Wang says:

I bought your plan about 560/YEAR, but then realized email marketing function, in this video did not show how to apply email marketing in HubSpot, I believe somewhere could make it happen.

Jerry Smales says:

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super geek says:

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Akash Soni says:

I'm learn digital marketing so i need your help in promotion

Robert Fundulea says:

Email marketing is a great and building your list can sure be an interesting procedure. The second step should be cleansing the list so that your email reputation won't get ruined, there are a lot of cleansing email services out there but I personally prefer Zerobounce because it is a great tool.

Siphesihie jennifer says:



Siphesihie jennifer says:



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