How to Promote Your YouTube Video When You Have ZERO Subscribers

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You want to create videos on YouTube, but you’ve got no budget and no subscribers. Where do you start? ►Subscribe: to learn more secret SEO tips.
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If you have no subscribers, who’s going to watch your videos? Yes, I could end up breaking down, boring, old, simple YouTube marketing tips, but you know what? If you have no money, you have no subscribers, they’re going to be hard, and you’re not going to get that great of results.

0:40 Today I’m going to share with you how to promote your YouTube video, even if you have zero subscribers. So the first tip I have for you is take your YouTube videos, that you’ve created, and promote them outside of YouTube. So here’s the first strategy that we do. We go, and we take our YouTube videos, we hit up all the bloggers who write articles similar to the concepts that we’re teaching in our YouTube videos, and we ask them to embed that video within their blog post. And when we ask them to embed that video within their blog post what we found is it helps us get more views to our YouTube videos, it sends more positive signals to YouTube, and in general, our rankings start performing better.

1:13 The second tip I have for you is, YouTube is very competitive, especially in the English language, but outside of the English language, it’s not that hard to get views. So you want to make sure you translate your video, and transcribe, into different languages. For example, this video here is in English, but my team uploads the video with subtitles in Portuguese on YouTube. They do the same with Spanish, German, and tons of other languages. By doing that we’re not only getting views in English, but we’re then getting views in all these different languages. And as I mentioned, even if you have no subscribers, I don’t really have a ton of subscribers, in a lot of regions that don’t speak English, but yeah, a lot of these regions are growing in my popularity when I look at my YouTube stats just because we’re translating all of our videos by subtitles, to all these different countries.

2:04 The third tip I have for you is to leverage your existing audience. So let’s say you have a website like I do. I have an email list. If I create a YouTube video that I know people will love, I’ll do an email blast from my email list to that YouTube video. It helps to get tons more views, engagement, and of course, more subscribers on YouTube, start ranking higher. I do the same with my push notifications subscriber list. So, for example, I use to generate more push notifications subscribers. When I release a YouTube video that I know that you would like to watch, I then send out a push notification so I can get way more views. YouTube’s looking at a lot of signals, and a lot of them are external because if all these external signals show YouTube that hey, people love this content, it’s going to perform better on YouTube as well.

2:52 The last tip I have for you is if you have search traffic going to your website look at your most popular post. You can see these within your Google Search Console, or Google Analytics. Look at the most popular pages. See which videos you have that are the most relevant to that YouTube clip or video that you created, embed that video into your blog post, as I do at It’ll help your videos get consistent views. In addition to that, what you’ll find is it’ll also keep people on your website longer, which will also help improve your ranking. So it’s a win, win. Not only are you getting more YouTube views, but people are staying on your site longer. Which helps improve your user metrics, which improves your overall rankings in Google.

Follow these four tips, and you’ll get way more traffic to your YouTube videos, even if you don’t have one subscriber. If you have questions on how you can use these tips, or if you’re confused, leave a comment below, I’ll answer them, I’ll help you out. And of course, if you enjoyed the video like, share, comment, and tell other people about it. Thank you for watching.


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The comments are so uplifting to read here!

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Thank you for your really great tips

Duncan Tout says:

It’s so frustrating spending a ridiculous amount of hours on a video and still barely getting views because I don’t have the audience but I guess it’s just gonna take some time

Faceless Class says:

Who else here has a goal of growing youtube in 2021? When you feel like giving up, remember why you started. Keep going and believe that you will succeed! May we all be blessed and successful soon. Hugs!


That's pretty cool and helpful. To those reading this, don't give up on your youtube channel.

Nathan Mrdjenovic says:

I have just started my channel and I'm not realy sure how it will go but I think this will help thank you

flora sd says:

Thank you so much 🥺 what about the hashtag language? If I want to reach English and none English speaking audience will be it enough to just translate the subtitles? Or is it better posting the video with English Voiceover and English hashtags and a non English version with another language Voiceover and hashtags in that language?

Unwind & Grind says:

Hey you! Yes, you! You got this!!!!!

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My channel have 200+ subs but my average views is like 50 views smh My channel is dying 🙁

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Blessings To You 🙏😇🙌💪🏼

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It really helps, super

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I'm almost at 70 subscribers and I'm shaking 😂

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That's a very helpful as a beginners in YouTube. Thank you for sharing

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Anyone can explain?
If you have 0 subscriber then people can't even search your videos or the channel name than how will you get views or subscriber if you have no social media following or any website?

Justhird M. says:

I hope you all reading this will be successful, Just be patient! ❤️

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Thanks Nill

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Sir what did you say about the email blast? I didn't understand. Can you please explain sir?

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How ever leaving good encouraging or constructive criticism on videos like this helps the creator to keep on giving free value to all of us. Thank you for what you do!

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So informative content @NeilPatel especially at this time I am trying
out the long journey to build my YouTube channel from 0 to1,000
subscribers range.

Equipped with your actionable tips and ways to promote my
channel, I am positive to reach my target range because as of now I have
started implementing your strategies to get subscribers and views.
Thanks bro!!! You are inspirational to starters.

Chef Special by Shaeen says:

Y this is very informative for me

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Thanks for a nice tips.


Thanks for the encouragement but this YouTube is so challenging but I'm hanging in there I'm not giving up

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Thanks for making a wonderful video.
Love from Bangladesh ❤

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