How to Start Social Media Marketing (4 ESSENTIAL Tips for Beginners)

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You know you need to be on social media but as a beginner, it’s overwhelming and complicated. So how do you start? ►Subscribe: to learn more secret SEO tips.
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You know you need to be on social media. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Some of the most popular sites out there on the web. Even Snapchat, even though Instagram is crushing it, it’s still doing really well. They have over a hundred million active users daily. But as a beginner, all of this is overwhelming and complicated. So how do you start? Hey, everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m gonna share with you how to get started with social media as a beginner.

0:30 How to Start Social Media Marketing Tip #1
The first thing you need to do is pick the right social network. Yes, there’s a lot of them. Whether it’s Facebook, whether it’s LinkedIn, whether it’s Twitter, it’s up to you on which network you want to be on. You could be on all of them but if you’re in all of them you’re not gonna spend enough time to make these profiles amazing.

3:30 How to Start Social Media Marketing Tip #2
But now that you have a right one, the second thing you need to do is start creating content. Yes, you’re like hey I have no friends, I have no following. It doesn’t matter no one’s gonna follow if you don’t have any content. So start creating content. That starts off with completing your profile.

4:30 How to Start Social Media Marketing Tip #3
Now that you’re creating content, the next thing you need to do is build a connection. And you need to build a connection with people, it’s a social network. Just because you’re on a computer doesn’t mean you’re not connecting with humans. So make sure you’re friending all the people that you know, following them. You’re engaging, right you’re building connections.

6:00 How to Start Social Media Marketing Tip #4
And the last tip is don’t go for follower count. It’s all about having valuable connections, personal ones. Because if your first 100 fans or followers aren’t that engaged with you, all these social networks have it in their algorithms where they’re looking at a percentage.

If you’re still confused on how to get started with social media, leave a comment below I’ll answer, I’ll help you out. If there’s anything I can do to help you just let me know. I truly am here to help you succeed. Thank you for watching. Please comment, share, like, and tell other people about this video.


Lords- Plourde says:

Hello I’m coming for your shiny head

Sabina Vanderlinden says:

Which social media should I use to promote my paintings?

Roselle Online Group says:

Very informative!

Beatriz Liwanag says:

Thanks Neil!

Ntsako Chabane says:

Hi, I am a farmer and want to market my produce department on social media. What platforms can I connect use as a start off? I will also be wanting to include videos and nutrition guides

Devon Jackson says:

What social network would be best for a maintenance/repair type business? And what is B2B and B2C? I'm brand new at this and just found out this will be my new job. Im basically going to be an advertising manager and social media advisor/manager. Thank you in advance its just so hard to know where to begin.

Faisal Javed Official says:

Hi Mr.Neil
Thanks for creating such a wonderful content which is full of knowledge and give us motivation to do things.
I'm a beginner and want to freelancing social media marketing.What I can do to learn this and how I can work as a freelancer for social media marketing.
Thanks again.
Muhammad Faisal Javed

Rakesh Gupta says:

I have a real estate business in mumbai . kindly suggest a right digital tool for marketing my business. Thanks

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Want to be a social media marketing manager , what to do ??

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I need to run campaigns on social media to generate leads for real estates .

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Hello neil how to start a digital marketing business?

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I own a Travelling company which social media is best for me?

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