How to write an email marketing strategy – fast and easy

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How to write an email marketing strategy. If you want to learn how to write an email marketing strategy for your customers, or write an email marketing strategy for …


Shaun Pritchard says:

Great video, What do you do when you don't have a list? Do you have any videos on the building of a list? I'm 2montjs out from publishing a book plus I'm building courses.

Tengiz Natsvlishvili says:

Question – Does daily email work for a jewelry ecommerce?

Walter Higo says:

QUICK QUESTIONS About Automation:
Would you recommend using automation emails as part of a campaign, or is this something that should bed done OFF of campaign??? ( I know you mentioned you prefer to use it mostly to get people used to your emails)

Mojodakid Official says:

This hard bro🤙🏽, if you were a musician and producer would you do the same?

Kiran Varri says:

Daily Mails📩/ 📢Campaigns /Automation 🔁… Nice n simple way to segment the possibilities… Good one👍 tyty

A J says:

“Awesome sauce.” (How I met you mother ref)

Stephanie Castillo says:

Great content. I text a lot with Launch Control, but utilizing multiple channels is super important. My next move will be Email marketing.

tanalyn says:

Mike, instead of sending daily emails I recommend using the email preference center where the audience can control the frequency and content. People get too much email and want control of their inbox. Give them the power to drive! Otherwise risk being unsubscribed.

Berdien Muller says:

Great video!! 🔥 this is one of the few videos I found with super practical steps! I just typed out the whole video into those three columns 😅 now I’m gonna put this into real content for my client 😊

phillipchan1 says:

Hey – this is really great. I love the categorization between daily, campaign, automation. A question I’ve had is how do you manage the total frequency as a result of crossover between the three categories? E.g. it is feasible that a customer would get a daily email, a campaign email, and automation all at the same day. Is there a way to manage overlap?

Ylonda Scott says:

Thank you so….. much! I have paid so much to get what you have given me for free. I can't wait to use your strategy and share it with others! Be Bless and Thank you!

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