MAKE MONEY W/ AFFILIATE MARKETING ON YOUTUBE: Monetize your YouTube channel without being monetized

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How to make money with affiliate marketing on YouTube. Monetized your YouTube channel without ACTUALLY being monetized! Because SPOILER ALERT: there are more ways to make money on YouTube than ads…

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As you probably already know, there are several different ways that you can make money on YouTube. A lot of people just focus on getting monetized and making money with ads! But honestly, my ads make up about half of what I make every month. So if you really want to make more money and monetize your YouTube channel without even being monetized, then you need to get started with affiliate marketing! In this video, I break down what affiliate marketing is, how you can get started, and even some tricks to help you make more money from affiliate marketing on YouTube.

○ How I Made $1,700 From 1 Company –
○ How To Create & Sell Digital Products –
○ How Long It Takes To Become Monetized –
○ My First YouTube Paycheck –
○ How Much YouTube Paid Me For A Video With 50k Views –
○ How To Read Your YouTube Revenue Analytics –
○ Managing Money As A Small YouTuber –

Create a plan to blow up your brand in 60 days or less! –

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Wandering Switchback says:

Thank you for sharing this info! I'm so grateful that you and other YouTubers are giving the newbs like me these tips to help us grow. <3

Heat the Saucer says:

very well explained

Mark St. Cyr says:

Honestly, watching your mistakes at the end of the video really made me feel more okay about how challenging delivering information on Youtube can be in a clear, concise, and personable way sometimes!

ملفات بوليسية says:

i'm tired of hearing you

danull47 says:

you talk like machine gun need more time to analyze what you are saying …..

Cali for Life says:

Thanks that was really helpful.

ShadaePrincess s Beneficial knowledge says:

Another great explanation. Love your bloopers at the end too.

bundle bubble says:

Thank you so much for good helpful content, it really help me alot

Skywatch Explorer- Mick Explores says:

Excellent info ! Thanks.

Chr0mePisto1a says:

Just signed up for Amazon – thanks!

Juan Arosemena says:

I love your channel, thank you!

Wesley Allen says:

Do you have to check the box stating that my video contains paid promotion when simply using an affiliate link in the description for a product I’m highlighting for my own personal use? (I just started using Amazon Affiliate Program.)

Curtis & Elena TV says:

Thanks so much

Chantall says:

Can you get approved for amazon affiliate even if you are starting your channel or do you need a minimum amount of views/subscribers to be approved?

RediscoverLost says:

Great Video Cathrin! I have watched this a few times and learned a ton! I have a question for you: I posted a video last month and my channel grew tremendously over the course of only a few days. Now I have companies interested in working with me as an affiliate. Some of these companies I would like to work with do not have an affiliate program or an agreement. How do you recommend I proceed? I'm not sure if ShareASale works if the company does not already have an affiliate program in place. Thanks, Keith


I love how you're so fluent.

Syed Tanveer Hussain says:

Great information about affiliate marketing👌👍😍

Paige Gribb Photography says:

Hi Cathrin, thank you for all the awesome content you put out! Been following you for a couple years now and it's been so cool watching you grow! I noticed in your description here you changed your amzn links to bitly links that go through rstyle—I know in a more recent video you said you've been loving rewardstyle but I'm wondering why go through them for amazon too and how that works for amazon's terms of service etc (bc normally I thought they didn't allow redirects?)? Thank you so so much!

Teez Bites says:

Nice video tips and ideas about affiliate marketing

Callum vlogs says:

You helped my channel fly

GKCookin says:

You are an absolutely FIRE CRACKER!🔥🔥🔥 I seriously love your energy and passion. Not only that but your content is actually super beneficial, especially for new YouTubers like myself. 🤙

If you made an affiliate marketing video from the perspective of a YouTube chef like myself, that would be super beneficial. This could be done for all different YouTube niches.

Ghost Walkers says:

Cathrin, So beautiful, for affiliate links in my description do i need to check the "paid promotion" box

Mr. Hagen says:

Wow. Don't get me wrong. I like your video. But you talk soo fast!

Tigner Adventures says:

Thanks for the video. Going to be watching a bunch of these. If I use Affiliate Marketing do I need to check the option when posting a video that talks about Paid Promotions?

C G says:

what if someone clicks on your link but then chooses another product other than the one you redirect the buyer for, do you still get the commission?

Official Remmy says:

Please you're always too fast explaining.. you need to slow it down.. not everyone is from America 🤦

Dayana Plays says:

Great video!

KingZabo TV says:

So if ur an affiliate and also monetized is it best to not put ads in ur affiliate videos (since you get paid if someone buys the product) or should i still put ads?

Orientación vocacional y estudios universitarios says:

Hi Cathrin! Thank you very much for your helpful videos! I am an small content creator from Valdivia, Chile! I am sending you much love from here! Thank you! 🙂 greetings, Sergio Durán Araya, Psychologist.

Robbie Foxx says:

How many subscribers do you have to have to become an affiliate of Amazon?

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