Mount Minutes – What is Social Marketing?

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Mount St. Mary’s University marketing professor Cyd Maubert explains the principles behind social marketing, its connection to social media, and how social marketing helps make society better.


Cristina Silva says:

Thank you:-)

Astrid Nadya says:

Thank you so much, this helps me alot. But, anyway i wanna ask about marketing myopia, do you know about that ?

Jon E. says:

Please delete old marketing definitions, for the love of god. 2012 shit does not apply anymore.

harvey sagario says:

Thank you so much this helps me alot.

Jitendrasinh Jadeja says:

social media marketing tips

Jaclyn Bass says:

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Ernest Phiri says:

Good to listen to "Gurus" in marketing

Brendan Mace says:

Always good to see what other marketers are doing…

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