The ad revenue model: How to make money with online ads like AdSense, mobile, banner, or display ads

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In this tutorial I explain how to make money with online ads, what you can expect to earn by publishing ads on your site or app, and some things to think about when you think about using the ad revenue model as the main revenue model within your business.

The ad revenue model is a very common one, online and offline. But does it work? It does, but never to an amazing degree. It is always mediocre. The reason that the ad revenue model is so prevalent online and on television is that those are publishing platforms which often can only make money with ads.

But not every business should have that mentality. Ads online typically earn $5-10 per 1000 impressions. That means that most of the time the ad revenue model earns less than a penny per customer. So your job is to figure out other revenue models that monetize better than the ad revenue model.

So the reason that companies opt into make money with ads, it is because better options are not immediately available. So when you plan your business, consider whether there is a stronger revenue model than the ad revenue model that you can have as a part of your business. Making money with ads is ok, but it isn’t the best option.

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