The Only Affiliate Marketing Tutorial You Will Ever Need (Beginner To Advanced)

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Today! You will Master Affiliate Marketing πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
4 Years of experience compressed in this Ultimate affiliate marketing tutorial.

It’s the only guide you will ever need to understand affiliate marketing from scratch, starting from “what is affiliate marketing” to reach advanced concepts like “Affiliate link tracking” and much more!

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Introduction 0:00
What is Affiliate Marketing 1:12
Affiliate Marketing Steps 2:01
Affiliate Models 2:32
Types Of Products 4:25
How To Pick a Product 7:28
What is Cookie Duration in Affiliate Marketing 12:09
Services The Require No Approvals 14:18
Ad Spy Research Products 16:18
Promotion Strategies 18:31
How I Promote Examples 22:27
Affiliate System 23:48
Tacking Links 25:30
Important Note 28:59
Get Approval on Impact and CJ 30:12

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How to implement all these instructions in Afghanistan? there are lots of opportunities around the world, but we are deprived.

ENGLISH by Anekant Dhagat says:

WordPress isn't free. Will have to buy Domain n Hosting .

Mr. Imran says:

Hey Hasan. I want to promote products which are made for corporate customers. Can you please make video on finding only corporate products which also pay high commissions?
Also on getting free landing pages whose links when mentioned in emails are not sent to Spam folder.

akinyemi tannistuta says:

If I had the chance,I will like this video a million times and more, for those not taking action, Hassan has given everything you will ever need, I paid a lot for most of the information given here. God bless you for your kindness

Md. Johurul Islam says:

Which Affiliate network is the best of others?

AfricanFlightStar says:

Great info as always Hassan, now one only needs to TAKE ACTION!! πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Mr Addi says:

Hassan you are an excellent personality my Allah bless you
And your cute family i will pray for you in mecca when i start earning

Arshad Cool says:

Please send your whatsapp number bro

Can you advertising my website on your youtube channel videos
I'm pay you every advertise❀️


Kindly remove the ban on my telegram in your group I can't join it. I don't know I was there before but I'm not able to join again, telegram id @phaysal99

Boniswa Khulekile says:

Thank you so much for this video, i learnt so much in it and found answers, god bless you.

moi vago says:

make a video on SEO and backlinks

chumma pesalam vaanga says:

" I'm Λ’α΅˜α΅‡Λ’αΆœΚ³β±α΅‡β±βΏα΅ α΅—α΅’ ᡉᡛᡉʳʸᡒⁿᡉ Κ·Κ°α΅’ Λ’α΅˜α΅‡Λ’αΆœΚ³β±α΅‡α΅‰Λ’ ᡐᡉ α΅ƒβΏα΅ˆ ˑⁱᡏᡉ ᡐʸ αΆœα΅’α΅α΅α΅‰βΏα΅—"

Geno prater says:

I know of a great affiliate program. When you make a sale, the person that purchased the product becomes a member of your cell team. You will earn $50 every time they resell that product. Please contact me for the info and I will send you the link.

Joshua Warf says:

Great advise.. Keep up the good work. Tomorrows video may have more cool tipsπŸ˜‰

Femi Henry Edun says:

How do I promote forex brokers? Thank you for this great video.

Tech Viral says:

CJ not tracking my commission, I have shared my Namecheap links to my friends through the website and they buy 3 times but i don't receive any commision

sandun senaratne says:

This man gives us half knowledge to make these videos but no one can earn only with these videos

shaziya kazi says:

Hey! I have a recipe blog, can I do affiliate marketing for any product related to cooking??

Olaitan Olatunde says:

Hassan u are d best, pls I want to promote clickbank products where can I promote it for free

Gabby Rivas says:

Hi i would like to se if you can help me no the second Stephan after i aleady made an account sito click bank. I alredy browse thru some products but dont know the next Step to make or if i should crΓ©ate my personal website or pay someone to make me One, An how to copy an paste the product that im promoting in to a website

Tube-FITPM1 says:

We need a video for the second part

naseema siwela says:

You are the best teacher thus far. I would recommend sticking to one channel tool you make it. I have been so confused trying to get many strategies from different channels but I've decided on sticking with you. Thank you. I appreciate your work

Chen Reuven says:


I just wondered, you have a lot of traffic on your site and your content in all places such blog, YouTube etc…

And we saw that you earn 50$-80$ profit in your affiliates website.

What is mean from a beginner point of view, that Dosnt have a lot of traffic? Few dollars after 1 year?


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