VIDEO CONTENT MARKETING | TOP 4 Types of Video to Use to Market Your Business

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VIDEO CONTENT MARKETING | TOP 4 Types of Video to Use to Market Your Business

Video content is the most engaging form of content. 81% of companies use video to market their business, and consumers admit that watching video on a company website makes them more confident to purchase online.

If you want your business to stand out to any degree, it is 100% necessary to implement video into your content strategy.

In this video, I explain the top four types of video to use to drive traffic to your business.

Tip: You don’t have to choose ONLY one type. You can use a combination, or all! Decide what makes most sense for your business goals and begin beta testing to see what your audience likes.

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1. Storytelling — Telling your story when launching your business.
2. Informational — Surface-base information explains the substance of your business.
3. Demonstration — How-tos and tutorials.
4. Testimonials — the proof that your ideas and projects are effective.

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