YouTube Marketing: For Beginners & Experts [FULL GUIDE]

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YouTube marketing for beginners is easy to learn, but hard to master. In this video, I’ll discuss the YouTube marketing basics for advertising and for running your own channel. My own YouTube videos are a huge part of my business, so I’m excited to share some of my knowledge with you.

The first thing you need to know when learning YouTube marketing for beginners is what you want out of YouTube. Are you looking to create sales, build a brand, or deliver a message? Once you’ve determined that, you can start to build out a content calendar.

Determine what sort of videos you can use to achieve that goal. You might do how-to videos like I do, or you might make lifestyle vlogs. There are plenty of video types you can use to grow your business, as long as you know what your audience wants. Figure out what you want to make, how you can shoot and edit it, and get going.

If you want to use advertising, you’ll want to know about the kinds of YouTube ads. There are two main categories: video ads, and non-video ads. Video ads can be skippable, non-skippable, or short bumpers. You can use these ads to create brand awareness and drive sales with a little creative work put in. Non-video ads appear around or on top of a video, and can be used for quick calls to action.

There are a lot of targeting options on YouTube through AdWords, as well. You can target based on simple demographics, or by channel and video. This can help get you in front of a very specific audience, and grow within a niche. You can also use custom audiences to retarget, which YouTube does very well.

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Bridget Bartlett says:

Great info! Thank you!! I was actually able to quit my fulltime job to do affiliate marketing after about 7 months focusing on Facebook. But, I am learning, I could have saved myself a lot of time and work if I started on YouTube. That is now my main focus

whateverman says:

I learn how to choose the right ad placement for my video.

Jakob Bourne says:

Make it a practice/habit to always audit your influencers by tools such as influencer auditor to ensure legitimacy, especially for newcomers out there

Alex says:

Do you have a spreadsheet like this for managing your ad scaling and testing?

Anthony Villa says:

Hey Jordan when you purchase your digital marketing agency course, do all of the modules and videos unlock at once? Or do they release slowly week by week until they're all unlocked? I'm asking in case I purchase and want to skip ahead here and there when necessary, Thanks.

Chet James - Internet Marketing Guides says:

Thanks for the video man! A few extra interesting things I've learned from a bunch of testing recently is that the lowest cost ads used the following- affinity rather than in market, audience interests rather than topics, best performing offer video was 1 min 10 secs, the best performing url used was an unlisted/hyper relevant youtube playlist.

I tested ads to landing pages with a ton of value and bonuses, one with very minimal design and just a simple bonus all to grow my old channel. However most subs came from that unlisted playlist rather than the videos on the landing page

Carter Turcios says:

When you sit through ads because you love Jordan and his content.

Wise Guy says:

Who remembers “Here in my Garage” by Tai Lopez ad?

Danny Telule says:

I find it hard to buy a course now in days because there're people that take a tai lopez course on digital marketing and sell what they have learned from those courses instead of actually running a successful digital marketing service themselves, because it's easier and could be more profitable, it would be interesting if You made a video on this topic

Dr. Phill Great says:

🔥💣💥Fiyah Bomb Content as always. Learned a lot and going to re-watch a few times to get my notes perfect. A couple of specifics I learned is how to create a "Topic Cluster Keyword Research Template" properly and the strategy behind YouTube Marketing through Google Ads…. Thanks in bunches! Truly appreciate your channel, tremendous value every time 🤜👊🤛

امبراطورية لوفي ملك القراصنة says:

Is agood video plz sabscrube my channel

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