YouTube Marketing Strategy 2021: Get CLIENTS From YouTube (free giveaway inside!)

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YouTube Marketing Strategy 2021: Get Clients From YouTube (free giveaway inside!)
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0:00 can you get clients form YouTube?
0:32 YouTube is great for attracting clients because of these 3 reasons
1:05 how do you take people from who is she to I wanna work with her
1:21 Step 01 is to attract future clients by making these types of videos
3:07 Step 02 is to qualify who would be a good fit for your program. Here’s how
3:56 How to use WP Forms to set up your application form
4:37 Install WP Forms
5:21 How to create a new form in WP Forms
7:55 Make your form easy to fill out
10:07 Make custom offers based on your form
11:20 Make your form look attractive
15:23 How to enter the free giveaway (3 Pro Licenses)
16:20 Viewer of the Week
16:40 Step 03 is to convert your audience into clients using this method
18:13 Watch this Playlist next

Want to use youtube to get clients? Want to understand the 3 step process to use YouTube to attract clients who would be the perfect fit for your coaching business? In this guide to youtube marketing, I’ll walk you through 3 steps on how to do youtube marketing so that you learn how to get clients and customers from youtube. This guide is perfect for an introduction to youtube marketing, learning how to do marketing on youtube, using youtube as a marketing tool, and youtube marketing for beginners


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Salma Jafri - YouTube Coach says:

How are you currently using YouTube to attract your ideal clients? Let me know in the comments below. Watch this playlist NEXT:

asma khatoon says:

Salam to all

LIFE and HADEES says:

i m big fan of ur Thumbnails……..videos are full of knowledge ……..i learn very much from ur content………..keep up good work… full support with u sweet sister jafri

Abishek Saini says:

Hello salma can you give me the link of your smart content Strategy Video link ? I need it but can't find.

Tyrese lynn says:

Love the videos you create! Keep them coming.

Oindrila Bhar says:

At what stage of number of subscribers would it a good idea to pitch your products/services in a yt video?

David Nyman says:

What a fun surprise, viewer of the week! Thank you so much!

WPForms seems like a great tool, and I do like the sleek design options it provides. At this point I am connecting to other creators and artists moslty via comments and DMs, especially on Instagram. I am actually going to collaborate with another artist and record some music together, which is super fun! I guess this kind of tool is very useful as you grow into a bigger ecosystem and need to filter out what clients are the ideal ones, and this is an excellent way of doing so.

essencefromitsorigin says:

I'm currently rebranding so I haven't created a youtube yet. I've started creating a new site. This would be ideal to get started right and able to filter good clients. Minimizing follow-up time and calls. I've been watching your videos and setting up a plan. I have so many things that I want to do but just don't know how to start and get rolling.

Todd Haskell says:

Currently working upon WP website, & not yet using YouTube to attract clients, though thinking of creating content to do so in future. Conditional logic & conversational forms look like helpful features to assist customers who come to check out your content on Youtube. Entertaining video, well done!

Momistry says:

She has best content and 45.5k subscribers… But views are lesser than 1000… Where are these subscribers going? Not only this channel.. many channels with 100k subscribers also not gettin view.. wondering wats happening in youtube…

Olga Pogozheva says:

Not answering the question, because I’m not having my website launched yet. Still, great to learn how it could be done, for the future.

Sandra Vasquez says:

By making valuable content and being consistent!

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