YouTube Strategy 2021: How to Create a Growth Plan for Your Channel

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Think Media says:

Question of the Day ⚡ Who is your IDEAL TARGET AUDIENCE?? Let me know! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 *** Watch my FREE YouTube Masterclass to GROW your channel in 2021 ➡️

It's Minna says:

I think everyone is trying real hard to grow their channels…me too😜

Amy and Alex says:

There are so many ways to take your channel, there are so many elements to think about and we find that it gets overwhelming quite quickl. We've been focused on creating the content that we WANT to create, because we lost what we were passionate about. Now that we've found that, we need to create a plan to grow our channel and get it out to the people who will enjoy our content. As you say, we have to take the next step to make that happen!

The Josh And Mike Show says:

Thanks for another good video. True value here. Hoping to do the same

Rockochamp says:

Da fuq is this ? Clickbait?

Travel Drone says:

Loved this take, so brutally honest!!!

Tiana S Higgins says:


dashcamtv says:

More great content Sean! Thanks for everything I've learned from you.

Celtic Roots Farm says:

Our target audience is homesteaders, farmers, gardeners, off grid, and anyone interested in a more sustainable lifestyle.

We basically wasted almost the entire first year on YouTube by not really applying any techniques to grow our channel. We were basically “winging it” up until a few months ago. We finally started getting focused. Started using TubeBuddy and changed up the format of our videos. Kept the question in the back of our head of “why would someone want to subscribe to our channel?” “What are we offering and what are people getting?”
We’ve gained more subscribers in the past month than we did in the first year on YouTube! We really appreciate the tips and info that you provide on your channel! Thank you!

Beth says:

I am not a creator. I just wondered how uTube works with algorithms since I hear so much about it while watching videos. I found this channel through LinkedIn. So far, I have watched about 5 videos. This is very interesting and good information. Of course, it is necessary information for creators, but for people like me who just like learning new things, this channel is full of great content.

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